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GlassCityCon – after report

July 13, 2011

GlassCityCon was a lot of fun. The new banner seems to be getting good attention, as well as advertising the prices better. This is our favorite small time con because they give you TONS of room behind the table AND they have cushy chairs/couches so your butt can un-numb from the normal chairs.

This year I want to start adding a selection of photos and highlight my galleries more from my traveling, so enjoy!

Click for more: GlassCityCon Photos

SNL skit cosplay - D**k in a box

I couldn't help but laugh - these guys did a GREAT job on an unorthodox cosplay...

Hallway - see the people rushing by

The hallway on Sunday - watching the people walking through.

The table with the new banner

Our table - showing off the new banner on the left.

Food Palz

These are so adorable - I bought one at JAFAX, and had to admire them again. Great quality!


This guy was showing her a dance step, and I loved the bright red against the sunny windows.

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