Chris building buttons at a convention

Since 2006 I’ve been creating buttons for sale at Artist Alleys in various conventions on the midwest circuit.  I started at Anime Central with a half table and an awful c-clamp style button crimper. Some of those first buttons didn’t hold up (we replaced any faulty buttons no questions asked) and by the end of the weekend we were not only hooked on selling more, we knew we needed to upgrade our machines and display.

DisjointedImages is a 2 person operation – just myself and my husband slinging buttons to order, nothing pre-made.  This way we rarely run out of designs or have to limit the variety of buttons I create. Along with a huge assortment of unique designs pre-printed and ready to press I take commissions – anything you want on a button within my artistic limits!

Commission Gallery

My favorite commissions are getting a phrase / wording to write out, and then surprising customers with a doodle that goes with it.  As you can see though, I’m pretty good with straight sketch/art requests, too.

The commission to the left was interesting – the full sheet was the customer’s own character she created, but she was too nervous to try drawing him on the spot to make into a button.  Instead she left me the reference and asked me for a head shot of him nomming a bug.  You can see the finished result.  She was very happy – and I was relieved I did her character well.