MahJong House – a solitaire game

MahJong House is the first title for DisjointedImages. Built from scratch, and implementing everything that the team (as self-confessed mahjong solitaire addicts ourselves) wanted in a game to make it as fun as possible. The unique camera system lets you view the game at any angle. Rewards give you incentive to play “just one more game”. Japanese tilesets let you study AND have fun.

Long time mahjong game fans will know, that there are some layouts that make it tricky to see free tiles after the stacks start getting shorter in one area. We solved that by building a camera system – with a click of the mouse you can drag the board and have the tiles at ANY angle you choose. It’s just like sitting at the table, and moving yourself around. Even zoom out and see the whole room around you.

Learning Options and Rewards

Learn Japanese with Hiragana and Katakana tiles –

One of the best ways to learn something is while at play. We have a full set of Hiragana and Katakana characters with the romanji sound for each, to let you match the symbol to its pronounced sound. “Honest, I’m studying!” won’t be such a stretch anymore.

Rewards! For anyone looking for ANOTHER reason to spend hours playing mahjong, we have put in an unlockable set of rewards. After meeting certain criteria, such as completing your first game, or beating a high score, you’ll find new items that show up in the room. Some are interactive, some animated, and some decorative.

A brief walkthrough of the play aspects and build of our game

If you’d like to try a single level demo – click the download link to the right.

Please note – the game is currently only available for Windows.

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