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My Life At ACen – a Look Back

May 16, 2014

There’s a thing on social media called Throwback Thursday. It’s a way to have a post that isn’t involved and detailed by just showing something from the past, usually a photo. Of course much like The Bloggess, I’m not really good at following directions so this post will be pretty detailed. My first Anime Central was way back in 2003. The specifics are fuzzy on how we found out about it but I do know that we ended up driving to Illinois with a friend of a friend (hi Nicole) and stayed at her friend’s place (hi Shannon and Rich)…

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ACen – after con report

May 1, 2012

It’s amazing how long and short something can seem at the same time. Anime Central is like this – even with being there for almost a full week nowadays it still flies by. Chris and I got in on Wednesday, and after checking in to the hotel unpacking, and getting our staff schedule sorted we headed to a lovely little Japanese place up the road as suggested by a local friend. View from our room

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Convention appearance

April 23, 2012

New designs printed and integrated into the stock folder. I am now at over 170 button designs. See how I slave for you people? That’s averaging 10-20 new designs a year to keep things fresh. Make sure you stop by and see what’s new Anime Central in the Artist Alley. Table 001 and 002.

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