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My life is just crazy. *Looks at first post and laughs*
Yeah, so 8 months, hmm. Guess I’m no better at keeping up with an electronic journal.

On a positive note, I have a new obsession to fill this space with.

Super Dollfies.

My recent trip to ACen gave me the opportunity to see them first hand, and I was very taken with what I saw. I didn’t start out liking them though.

My first doll(s) (I bought two at once) were a pair of Lain’s I bought on clearance from a Media Play. Lain in her schoolgirl outfit, and her bear pjs.

The only experience I had with dolls were barbies, and with exception to the Japanese Barbie I got after Lain, I have never liked/owned any of the barbie-style dolls available. Lain was different. She had actual joints. She intrigued me. When I got home, I decided to see if there were more of her in different outfits. Or more of her body style. That’s when I learned she was a fairly limited run, (3000), and actually not easy to find.

Then I started looking at just jointed dolls. That’s when I discovered Volks, and the line of 12 inch customizable jointed dolls they had. I searched dozens of websites for different styles, and had seen a few personal SD’s but none of them were my style and I dismissed them as “creepy”.

Time passed, and I never found a 12″ one that really looked how I wanted. The customizability of them was a nice feature, but I was too nervous to do my own work. I didn’t come across anything that jumped out at me.

Skip to ACen 2005. The acen forum had a post that someone was putting together a dollfie meetup and photoshoot. I thought I’d stop by and see what they look like; nothing else to do that morning.

I was shocked. They were beautiful. These were nothing like the few I had come across while still looking for 12″ dolls. It was the beginning of an obsession.

When I got home, I started searching again. This time for Super Dollfies. I had no idea the huge array of faces and bodies, wigs and eyes, companies and clothes, that was waiting. Volks, HappyDoll, Dream of Doll, AngelRegion, SoulDoll, Luts. It was overwhelming. I found Den of Angels, and the forum made me even more lost if possible. How did I dismiss this previously? Where did I start? Who did I want… and good grief, how fast could I go broke!

Price is always a factor in a hobby, and being an utterly addicted scrapbooker on top of my lighter hobbies (sewing,knitting,ceramics,painting,needlepoint,computer mods,etc.etc.etc.), I have a tendency to need every cool thing I find. Amazingly, I don’t like to spend money on myself. My dear bf has to force me to buy something I have been agonizing and lusting after for months. He’s wonderful like that. Image hosted by

So for my first, I had to be reasonable about the cost. At the same time, I wanted someone perfect for me. After lots of deliberation, I found I was going back to look and sigh over one doll over and over. Volks SDC Kurenai. Happily, I found a place to buy her, and the payment goes out on Tuesday. It will probably be a month before she is with me, and I am trying very hard not to buy everything in sight. (Mostly because I don’t have the money to do so.) Image hosted by

I can’t wait ….
Image hosted by

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