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Lust list (say that 5 times fast)

Just in case it wasn’t apparent how deep the fever has run, I’ve
decided to add the list of dolls I will be mooning over until I have
the money to “adopt” them.

Shopping Services

Doll Companies

Dream of Doll (DoD)
Angelregion/Angelsupply Dollmore
Bishonen House

Parts (Wigs/Eyes/Clothes

Ethereal Angels
Doll heart


Too and Bee-A

So far I like this version best. The others are adorable as well, but if I were to pick one to be the pair I’d have to get first, it would be these two.


Based on the wonderful help from DoA, the majority of opinion is that this is Bee-A. *Update: I got an email confirming this is Bee-A*

Well, at least I’m consistent in my tastes!

I do adore the outfit as well….


Vampire Chiwoo. I love his look. Such a refined boy. The little fangs are perfect. Just visible, not over dramatic.

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