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Just…. wow.

I spent the whole morning clicking refresh, and I think the only thing that would have made me calmer is having a camera on the UPS truck streaming the video of the route to my house. I had decided that if she arrived before lunch time that I would race home and pick her up from the office and drop her off in the apartment so I didn’t have to wait for the next day. Just when I thought it wasn’t going to get there in time, the page updated with a status of “Delivery”. I have an hour lunch, and it’s 20 minutes one way to work barring traffic. I decided I would go pick her up and eat in the car. I barely had time to look at the box, and forget about opening it. Back to work, and 5 hours of waiting knowing she was sitting in my living room…. Gah!

When I finally got home, I had to wait a bit longer, (oh the self restraint!), while the cat got fed, dishes cleaned for dinner, etc. It was only fair that my bf should be there for the unveiling too. Then the big moment came, and of course I made sure I had my camera….

Obligatory “ooh look at the big box” picture.

Naru had to immediately climb in. Well, as much in as she could. =)

I distracted the kitty with a mouse and continued opening the box.

There was the pink striped Super Dollfie box. I didn’t want to touch it. What if I had made a mistake? What if it wasn’t the same when I saw her in person?

My bf thought I was cute. Silly, but cute. He then said to just open it already! I slowly opened it, and the first thing I saw was her papers. I set them aside, along with her clothes and wig, and finally pulled back the pillow covering her body.

What was I thinking?!? How could I not love something so beautiful and warm? She was gorgeous, and everything I was hoping for. She was also different than I had pictured, bigger and much more lifelike. Her skin looks like it should be peach fuzzy soft.

Then I picked her up. Oof. I had never held one and wasn’t prepared for the weight.

I’m not sure my cat would weigh more than a full sized SD.

I loved her right from the get go, and I know the first doll is always special, and it’s probably rare to not instantly fall for him/her. (Mostly because you’ve been oogling it for months and months!) I was certain that I was right to pick her. I still bemoan the price tag, but as my bf says, if it makes you happy, and you can comfortably manage it, get the things you want.

After I got done just staring at her, I wanted to see the much talked about posability.

I of course neglected to look at the papers, (who needs instructions for a doll…), and had to fuss to get her to sit. Her knee looks funny, but that’s because I didn’t take the time to see how it was supposed to work. *Bad mommy.*

At that point, I had a little voice going “Hello, still nekkid here!”

I took a few quick photos, but it was very late by then and either my flash was too much, or the floor lamps too little. I decided she could have a proper photo shoot Saturday.

And that was Kurenai’s homecoming!


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