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Sonya (yes, she has a name now!) and I went to JAFAX yesterday to meet with some of her brothers and sisters in spirit. Some time was spent wandering, and we stopped by DragonPrincess’s table in Artist’s Alley. She had two adorable girls with her, (drool over the forest sprite outfit, I esp want that wig!).

She saw Sonya and immediately lit up. “Kurenai!” I could see her wanting to make grabby motions, but she was politely restrained. *Grin* I let her hold Sonya, and after a bit we wandered off to look for the group we were supposed to meet up with. Stopped to look around for someone with an ABJD in their arms, the group actually walked right to us, and everyone seemed to radar into her before I could even say anything.

Sonya absolutely adored the attention, and has decided she needs a boyfriend asap. Clothes, too. At least she’s very sweet when she asks for something, otherwise I might be annoyed.

We left after a short photoshoot and chat. (It was very cool meeting everyone and seeing their “little ones”. I have about 80 new things to obsess for. heehee) The drive home was horrific. We had no gas, the trip was a last minute “Let’s just go” thing. There was construction, and some yutz decided to cut the freeway down to one lane, immediately after a ramp merge. Gah! We had to turn off the AC to save gas, and I think we coasted into the parking space at home as it was. 2 1/2 hours to drive out, close to 4 to drive back. The freeway was moving that s l o w. It was fun though, and Sonya got to meet lots of new friends.


Sonya has a new shirt. I finished it some time ago, and I’m really pleased with the result. A nice nearly invisible shoulder seam.


  • Anonymous

    Our dollfies have got the same names !!!

    What a coincidence !
    I’ve been looking on the DoA forum and found Your Live Journal there … I clicked and saw beautiful photos of You dollfie … Then I read her name and become surprised – ‘oh, her dollfie has got the same name as mine ! ‘ I have never seen Your LJ and dollfie before, so that was a real coincidence !!!
    I wonder what has made You to give this name to your dollfie ? I have given this name to my dollfie , because she has got very clever face-expression. And I read the book ‘The crime and the punishment’ by Fiodor Dostojewski (Russian very famous writer) and there was a heroine, that her name was Sonia (in US/Eng spelling – Sonya ) She was a very good , kind and clever woman … So that … mine dollfie become Sonya ;)
    My doll is not an original dollfie because she does not come from Volks. She comes from Luts. She is FCS Kid-Delf Ani ‘Elf’ with girl body. You can see her photos here :
    Sonya info:

    My website :

    I do not have Live Journal , only Deviant Art account, so if You want to send me a message, mail me :

    Your Sonya is really beautiful ! Volks wigs are the most beautiful I think, they are very well-made and have got nice designs- especially those curly ones :)
    And I also make outfits for my doll. She has came to me without any clothes ^^;;;


    • admin

      Re: Our dollfies have got the same names !!!

      Thank you! Her name just came to me. I kind of went through a list of names until I hit Sonya, and it just was “right”.

      Your Sonya is a cutie, and you do very well with the outfits!

      See you on DoA!

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