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Fourth of July Weekend

Mom went Up North for July 4th weekend and said I could go too!

There were lots of trees to climb in, until mom saw me and told me to get down… =P

We went into Gaylord and walked around, with Mom taking lots of pictures. We stopped at the “Trash” store and I got a bracelet! The guy there really liked me and asked lots of questions. Mom didn’t think to get a picture of him though.

I got to sit on the cannon, lucky it was covered cause mom wanted to put me in it! o.O

They have a small airstrip nearby, and we got to go watch the planes fly in for the festivities. I wanted to go for a ride, but mom said no. She’s such a scaredy cat.

Me: I heard that. =P

Then we went to the lake. I didn’t have a bathing suit so I wasn’t allowed to go in.

We had a picnic. Grilled brats and chips and lemonade! Yum!

After the good food, we relaxed.

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