Sonya at the Woodward Dream Cruise

I have a sunburn like you would not believe! It was a lot of fun walking around though, and taking pictures was great. A little girl on her dad’s shoulders goes by and points at Sonya and in an awed voice goes “I want a doll like that!”

It was great!

Then I’m walking past this big burly guy and he looks at her and said *Al Pacino voice* “Say hello to your little friend!”

That just cracked me up!

First just modelling her outfit:

Then on an old 40’s, um, something.

Then my favorite. I asked the owner of this Ferrari Testarossa if I could place her on the hood for a photo. He gave me a funny look, and repeated me “On the hood?” He kindly agreed though, and didn’t even follow to make sure I didn’t scratch it. Wink

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