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New eyes for Sonya

I did a small session of photos last night for a jewelry promo for someone on DOA. I took the opportunity to finally put in Sonya’s violet eyes, (since my Volks eye putty arrived too, oif! am I never turning back!) and try and get some nice closeups. One of them didn’t show the eye color, but was so starkly different from the Kurenai that originally arrived that I was just blown away. Even my bf commented on it.

<img src=”” alt=”” />

I just love the Kanis Augen eyes. The violet is hard to capture, and I’m going to have to wait for some sunlight I think to do it justice, but it is just soo pretty. The only concern was the eyestem was so long it hit the S hook and cracked a bit off. Luckily, the globe wasn’t damaged. I took a fine file and sanded down the stem to a better size, and it’s perfect now.

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