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Mich meetup

I went to a meetup on Oct 29th. It was a lot of fun and I can’t wait till the next one.

Am I the only one who sits and stares at their doll? Just stares. I just love how she looks. She is beautiful.

Anyway. I love having a chance to take photos in new surroundings, and until I get a 2nd doll of my own, the chance to take group photos is wonderful. Single shots are great, don’t get me wrong. As I said, I can stare at Sonya for hours. However, there’s something, an energy, about a photo with two characters. The interaction, however percieved, is something that isn’t quite fulfilled with a single face.

Some of my absolute favorite shots.

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  • lostindolls

    They’re beautiful–I sit & stare, too :-). I loved all the pic’s everyone posted on DOA–i can’t wait to meet you guys’ someday when family things stop going wrong around here :-

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