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What a month, Christmas is just around the corner, and as always, I have a TON of shopping to do.

Meanwhile, my dear bf agreed to let me go in on one more group order. Since there isn’t enough time for him to really get any doll related stuff, (so much of it being overseas), he said I could order just a few things and they could be Christmas presents. (So far he hasn’t taken anything away once it’s got here though. He’s so good to me. Said that he wasn’t really going to count them as presents.)

I am waiting for a pair of goggles from Anotherspace. The Cheerydoll jeans came, and I’m quite happy with them. I also got some lovely blue glass Luts eyes, and some pink fur from DoA members. The eyes are very pretty, and quite a change from the lavendar she’s had in.

I decided to just throw some fur at her head and then put stitches in it and see what happened. No real pattern going on here, but I’m ok with the result considering.


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