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The taunting continues.

So. Dolpa 14. Yeah. If I have no money now, I surely won’t have any on Christmas day.

My bf likes the new SD16 boy. “Oooh, Sephiroth.” lol


In more detrimental news. I woke up this morning, with a sore neck, wander off to the computer, sit down, and don’t even have a chance to contemplate using it before I hear the UPS beep and the computer shuts off.

WTF? I hit the power button. Nothing. Fuck. So bf takes a look while I get ready for work. Mobo is dead. Great.
Luckily, I can get it replaced through my school funding. I’m just hoping nothing else took a dive. I ordered it on rush overnight delivery and am crossing my fingers it will get here tomorrow. I have to make sure nothing else got damaged. Gah.

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