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Is there a witch doctor in the house?

Because, really, there has to be a curse upon me. This morning I go to start my car. It doesn’t. So I try again, finally it catches. However, it does not sound good at all. It shudders during idle, but smoothes out if I give it some gas. The engine light is blinking, and the trac light is on. I pull out after letting it warm up, (it’s tempermental as it is), and realize that the car won’t go faster than 10 mph. Even if I really put on the gas. Not good. Not good at all.

I pull back in, shut it off, get out. *cough* Ugh, what is that smell? *groan* Something is seriously wrong.

Had to call in to work, (I’m sure that’ll get me written up), call a tow truck and go to the nearest dealership. All this just days after I pay the car off. I swear, they have a transmitter that makes the car blow up as soon as you don’t owe them money for it. Now I have to figure out how to get a vehicle while that one is in the shop. Borrow my dad’s little Ranger truck. Hopefully Christmas won’t be a total loss.


  • lostindolls

    Oh no :-(. I hope they fix it quick & it isn’t too expensive. I had to take mine in the other day-the engine light wouldn’t go off & it came down to that my gas cap wasn’t on right? Does that even make sense???

    • admin

      Thanks! Gas cap making the engine light go on… that’s a new one by me! =)

      *sigh* Well, it’s going to cost me about $750.

      Crappy part is I have to have my mom come pick me up, drive me to her place, and drive the truck back to my place cause I live so far out and no one can drive the truck but me. Then I have to deal with a very coooold truck until I have the money on Mon or Tue to actually get my car back.

      The guy who drove me home from the dealership was cool though, told me all kinds of stories about the area I live in when he was younger. *grin*

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