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On a happier note

The Summer Swap items arrived yesterday. I took some hurried pictures while waiting for the tow truck. I have a photo setup system on my Christmas list and am really hoping I get it. Otherwise, it’s on my birthday list, (3 wks after Christmas.) lol

Anyhow, due to an odd turn of events, I ended up with two swap gifts. My original swap partner (to me) decided to sell their doll to fund getting a dream doll. This meant no longer having a model with which to help make a gift to send. Quite understandable. So her partner (sending to her) contacted me and asked my opinion on a resolution. I said I would be quite happy to have the items she had made, as I had seen pictures. They were a little more on the “girlie pretty things” side, but one can only own so much black, and Sonya insisted that there is nothing cooler than mixing girlie pink stuff with gothy black stuff. So she said since it was already sent to her partner, she would have them just ship it along to me.

In the meanwhile, she had recovered financially from the doll purchase (I assume that originally she had just explained to the organizer that she had to drop out, and this is what changed, otherwise no one would have asked what I thought should happen, and SD’s are not an inexpensive item, haha) and went ahead an ordered me a gift. I was a bit surprised, and slightly embarrassed, to now have two gifts.

They arrived yesterday, and I just about fell out of my chair when I saw the Doll Heart box. I’ve been drooling over several of their shoes, and have never managed to have the money to get one when I saw one I liked. These I had either managed to pass over on their site, or they’re new, because they are LOVE and I know they would have been on my want list. Black with leather and velvet and working buckles. *die* I keep fiddling with them cause they are just so cute. They are very well made, I know I’m going to be an addict of DH.

The outfits are adorable. There were two, though I only knew of the one. The kimono inspired outfit, (which I’d seen pictures of) is very cute, and looks just so sweet with Sonya’s pink wig. As I thought, it will make an excellent mix and match type outfit. I love the fabric print.

The second outfit was a complete surprise. The 60’s looking shirt, (I can’t remember what they’re called), and red skirt are wonderful too. All the pieces are sewn very nicely, and overlocked to keep from fraying. She obviously cares about what she makes and takes the time to make it well.

Of course, it didn’t take long for Sonya to put her own spin on things.

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