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Random photos

Went to a friend’s house yesterday, and as always, used the opportunity to get some new photos.
She’s very much into an Asian zen type of decor, so it makes for some fun props. I love being in a group of non-doll people, and having them all go “omg that is so cute!” and whip out their cell phones to grab a picture. *grin*

Things have been rough around here, I think Sonya was asking for a peaceful and happy holiday and new year.

The pagoda style candle holders were very pretty in the dark. The first one, with the second light in the background, is my favorite.

Then I decided to go all artistic… I had different colored eyes in and wanted to get some interesting shots of how they create a different effect. Kanis Augen violet in the left (Sonya’s right), the other is a Luts glass blue.

Just because I love how delicate they are:


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