• admin

      Yep! One Kanis Augen Violet (I love them, and must get more. They have just wonderful detail.) The other a dark blue Luts glass.

      In strong light, they’re a bigger contrast, (hmm, have to post that other picture here), but I like the subtlety in softer light. Just the right bit of interest.

  • uccellini

    ah, snowflake pasties! *_*

    Love the wig on her. It makes her look really Asian (and Kurenai is a mold that never struck me as overtly Asian.)

    • admin

      Hee! Yep, snowflake punch from my scrapbooking supplies.

      My bf said the same thing about her looking Asian. Would you believe that wig started as the china bun wig from poshdolls? Buns off and a LOT of trimming later, and I have just an awesome truly custom wig.

      Also, Volks Water Wax is SO AWESOME. Really great at taming short wigs since flyaways are such a pain with them.

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