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Only 3 days till Christmas. I think I’ll dye my hair purple tonight.

It’ll match the shirt Steph sent. It’s an awesome tee-shirt material, long sleeve, deep royal purple, with Naomi and Grimm on the front. Fits wonderfully too. I have made some of the coolest friends since Sonya came along. (No, not because I got a shirt, =P )

It’s cool having people who share my interests, my sense of humor, and my darkest perversions, (sometimes all at once!).

Naru had a sudden fit over the furnace closet, and when BF investigated, the doors were covered in water. Again. (Last time it was the upstairs apt. water heater.) Maint. came out and the upstairs apt. bathtub apparently had a bad drain plug. EWW. Don’t want to think about that. I need a house. BAD.

The insanity begins tomorrow. BF’s family Friday. My family Sat. Immediate family at my place Sun. Whew. I’m tired thinking about it.

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