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It’s been four years since she’d seen Sasha or Nicholai. Every night she used the gifts passed down from her father to make sure they were still ok. Still, alive. She was sure she would know anyway. There was a bond that was stronger than her family’s power.

Just like she knew the moment her parents…. They’d left seeking answers, and vengence, afterwards. Promising to return before winter. Instead, she sat through many lonely quiet winters with no word from either brother or lover. Sonya shook her head, clearing temporarily the dark thoughts that forever tried to settle.

She stepped outside, breathing deeply the fresh morning air. She settled the bow and leather quiver over her shoulder, checked her hunting knife was secure on her thigh, and strode out across the field towards the dense trees. The snow crunched beneath her feet, winter always held long in this valley, and this year was no exception. Weaving between the tall trunks, looking for signs of hares or deer, she quietly hummed a song from her childhood.

Bratre Kubo, bratre Kubo,
Jeste spis? Jeste spis?
Slunce davno zari,
Ty jsi na polstari,
Vstavej jiz, vstavej jiz.

A smile crept to her lips as she pictured the forest in summer, wildflowers everywhere, her brother running ahead, “Last one to the owl tree has to do dishes!”. “Hey! No fair, you’re older and run faster!” “Barely two minutes older, sis, and a poor excuse besides!”


    • admin

      Please do! (And I figured as much, lol.)

      BTW, that song is in Czech. My grandfather would be so happy to know I’m putting it to good use. My grandfather is Czech, and my grandmother Irish, so you’ll see a lot of old world themes and influences from those cultures. Sonya, Sasha, and Nicholai are all Slavik root names.

      Told ya, insane. Who does that much research? lol

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