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Yep, hair’s purple. Along with the bathtub, my hands, arms, towel, pillowcase, and anything else that comes in contact with my “doubles as a crayon” hair.

They really need to perfect permanent purple dye. In the meanwhile, I deal with looking like a kid who tried to take apart a purple magic marker with a hammer. lmao

Two more days. Ack!


  • lostindolls

    I think that sounds grand :-D. I wish i could see! I have been wanting to do something like that for so long, but i have no close moral support for help or to make sure i don’t screw up.

    You’ll make it–it always seems like forever, but before you know it, it’ll all be over…

    • admin

      Thanks! I’ll post pictures later. It was purple for ACEN this year too. The first day it’s always super dark. I can litterally grab some hair, and write my name… it’s a bit excessive! I just love the look though, and suffer gladly.

      More like, ACK, only two days. *grin* Always comes too fast, and goes just as quick.

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