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The Haul

Well, the paper has been shredded, and now the Christmas aftermath has taken over the living room.

I am blessed to have a BF who remembers (or writes down) the little things I pine over throughout the year(s) and makes note to try and track them down. My shining example of this, and the glory of my collection:

The holy grail of collector’s pieces, the ever elusive and oh so limited Lain Lunchbox Set. *insert sound of jaw hitting floor and incoherant babbling*

Yes, you read right. Lain Lunchbox. STILL IN SHRINKWRAP WITH ALL PRICE TAGS INTACT. I collect to enjoy of course, so after photo preservation it was opened, but the fact that it is in my possession is a wonderful thing. For those that don’t know, the lunchboxes were made by Palisades Marketing around 1998. Shortly into manufacturing, Pioneer found them, and bought the entire stock to use for the upcoming limited box set. Not many were made to begin with, and even less were to be had after Pioneer snagged them. They now average well into the $200-$300 range on most after market sites/autctions, forget the pristine unopened condition I now own. My dear BF even found it at less than the stickered retail price. I can not convey my sheer joy! *points to avatar* Obsessed? Nah….

I scored a LOT of anime.

Arjuna Earth Maiden (complete box set) Great series that I first caught part of at ACEN.

Angelic Layer (complete box set thinpak) Adorable show, I’ve had the first dvd for ages and never could locate the other full size dvd’s so BF found the thinpak at an acceptable price until I get the full size discs. (The thinpaks appear to strip any “extra” content to give the better pricing.)

Najica Blitz Tactics (box set w/ first 3 dvds) Even my mother was not shocked by the included panties. I think I have desensitized her.

Midori Days (box set complete) The premise was enough to buy this one.

Please Teacher (box set complete) Again, seems like a good storyline.

Haibane Renmei (box set complete) Talked about by several friends, and on my huge list of *need to own* anime.

I also got a DS and Nintendogs (much more entertaining than you’d think)

DDR Extreme 2 (OMG I can see why people get addicted to this game. On the positive side, I should be at a good weight by next christmas.)

BF got (among other things)

Initial D (the live action movie) collectors set.
Hot Version Vol 6 – Rocket Rotary
The entire Bible Black series. (NC-17 for anyone who wants a synopsis.)
*a yet to be shipped first season set of an anime* Just in case BF is reading.

Sonya got a few things from me *pictures forthcoming*

A simply beautiful Little Red Riding hood outfit made by charmedseed at DOA. (http://dolls.charmedseed.net/)
Grey turtleneck made by bittenbefore
Goggles from Anotherspace (these things are just awesome!)


  • edaburi

    i loved arjuna, it’s a great series, i loved the art, and i especially loved the music, maaya sakamoto did a great job with the OP and ED. ^^

    looks like you had a great christmas~ ^^

    • admin

      I haven’t seen much of it, just two or three episodes while at ACEN. It gets horrible critic reviews, and I don’t know why.

      I need to catalog everything I own at this point, I’ve got so much, but I did have a great christmas.

      I’ve got *hopefully* two boys on the way too. (feels spoiled)

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