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Introducing (sort of) Sasha!

Well. He is here. He is in no way shape or form finished. But by god he is assembled and that’s all the exhaustion I will take from him today. His nickname became bitch-boy. Refused to stand, tried several times to kill me or himself, (you can not crowd surf without a crowd!!), and generally made me irritated.

I love him just the same.

He is Sonya’s brother, and I hope once he halfway resembles a normal boy, I can get going on their story.

The wig he came with will NOT go on. The eyes as my bf put it: “He’s got Data’s eyes!” (Star Trek: TNG)

His eye wells need beveling to take anything else I have on hand though. He needs clothes of his own. Sonya’s fit, but don’t look right on him to me. You just can’t share your sister’s clothes w/o some weirdness there. Unless that’s what you’re going for. LOL


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