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Of Modifications

X-acto knife, sandpaper, dust mask…. you wouldn’t think I was going after a X hundred dollar doll with that kind of stuff. And yet I have. I’d shudder to think of doing this to Sonya, even today. My bf would have outright tackled me had I thought of it just the day after getting her.

Being the rash creative individual I am, I didn’t plan. I just dove in. Here’s the current results. I think he’ll stay like this, excepting some cheek sanding in the future.

His eyes only look wonky in the picture because the eyeballs won’t stay put. There is just no bevel to the inside where the eye fits in, and it won’t sit in place more than 30 seconds. So the one in his right has moved away from the eyelid, giving him wall eye.

Maybe I’d go a bit more extreme if I had another Harang head in the future. Little bugger grew on me pretty quick, and now I don’t want to up and completely screw it up.

Here is how he came to me. Anyone want a blonde wig? Not my group’s color, I’m afraid.

As of today:


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