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(For anyone not on DOA, and for the heck of it.)

***Backstory*** More to come for anyone interested, tagged storyline.

I consider the photos as reenactments. Part of Sonya’s history before
she came to live with me. Anyone read Ravenloft? If there’s a rhyme or
reason as to how she came to be here and now, it’s that she was
unwittingly/unwillingly transported here and is making the best of it.

Anywho. In her time and place, she has been waiting 4 long years for
her lover and her brother to return from their quest. Her parents were
murdered for their part in a revolt against the local governing body.
Vowing vengence, and a desire to see his parents’ ambitions fulfilled,
her twin left promising to return before the next winter. Worried for
her brother’s safety, and feeling a sense of duty of his own, her
betrothed insisted he go as well. Four years have gone, and her heart
weighs heavy…

My love. Where are you right now?

Are you safe?

What has kept you from returning or sending word all these long days?

I worry…

that you won’t… *sob*

*breathes deeply, trying to control her emotions*


Who’s there? The shop is closed, you’ll have to come back later.

*smiles* It’s been a long time, I’d rather not wait till later.

*gasps* Sasha? Is that really you?

Are you really here? Tell me I’m not dreaming…

You’re not dreaming. Come here.

Oh god. All these years. I, I wanted to hope. But as the days flew by….

I know Sonya, I know. I can’t apologize enough for what I must’ve put you through. I’m so sorry.

I’m so happy to see you well, brother. Where is Nikolai?

You should sit.

To be continued


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