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Doll Reader March / April “Asian Fashion Invasion”

I finally found a copy and have been bouncing off the walls and generally harrassing anyone in a 10 foot radius with the article.

I can not thank Mercy enough for getting me this opportunity. All I had to do was write my part, she dealt with changing deadlines, changing editors, and all kinds of pain in the ass stuff. I wouldn’t have even known this kind of thing was possible, (just write something, submit it, and get it approved, pfft, why not?) let alone persued it.

Now my name is in print, and random people are reading stuff I wrote, and unlike LJ, they PAID MONEY to do it. lmao That just makes my year.

For me, this is one of those things that will be laminated and displayed all geek like on my coffee table. *grin*


    • admin

      It’s nationally (US/CAN) published. The March/April edition of Doll Reader. Picture of the new Memoirs of a Geisha Tonner doll on the cover, against a pink background.

      I got mine at Borders, though it should be carried at most larger chains. If you can’t find one, let me know. =)

  • doll_paparazzi

    I have to find me a copy of the !@#$ thing. God damn it!

    No problem, chicky boo.

    Now we get to watch DoA and see how they thought of it. Hopefully we don’t get crucified. ;) You wanna watch for it?

    • admin

      I think we did good. Even the non doll folk at my work really liked it. Maybe I should post a thread on it….
      If you can’t find one soon, I’ll ship you one. You should have a copy by golly!!

      • doll_paparazzi

        No, don’t start a thread there. We originally started one there and Aimee was unhappy about it because of the afflication to Haute Doll and DoA. I respect her opinion and don’t want to upset her. So, don’t mention it. If someone else mentions it, cool, but don’t do it. I think let’s let other people comment. and I think it might be a good idea that if they do complain about it or even complement, that we lay low and not say anything as well. Let’s let the thread move naturally so that people let us know what they truely feel so they don’t feel like they will hurt our feeling or that they have to kiss our butts. you know what I mean?

        Now, Contraversal…we can start a thread there. I feel comfortable there starting it. there is no afflication to any magazine and Kirkiro I don’t think would care. And I mod over there, but I don’t think many people really worry about pissing me off.

        What do you think? :)

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