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Damn Y!J

First, I am more likely to click on certain auctions thanks to a group of Angels/Demon who are always dressed oh so fashionably and now I know more designer names than I ought to considering I don’t own an SD.

Second, I avoid the SD clothes, since as stated, I don’t own one… excepting now boyfriend will have one so I have an excuse.

Third…. LOVE – $$ = no awesome-ified outfits for me. Bah

But here they are to taunt others anyway.

Uncontrol Elizabeth I’ve seen enough outfits to know I really like her style. I love the fabric and the zipper edges on this one.


Gothic Casual This would be msd, and while it’s not spectacularly unique, (leather pants, newsprint shirt, ruffled cuff jacket) I am taken with that pendant. Skeleton climbing a cross. Interesting.


  • ex_weightles88

    Uncontrol Elizabeth slays me every time. Her work is fabulous anyway, and it just keeps getting better (and more expensive). =T_T=;;

    I’m such a Y!J designer nut. =n____n=;;;

    • admin

      What, I couldn’t POSSIBLY have been referring to you or your crew…. *grin*

      I know, it’s all fabulous, and one day I will figure out how to rob that bank/fix the lotto/invent something awesome and have the money for everything I see.


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