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More Y!J YoSD style

I’m glad Piccolo seemed to be pretty popular. It means more Y!J auctions for the little ones feature him, and I have instant confirmation on whether I like an item on him or not.

Like this:

and this purple wig:

I finally figured out that paypal was caching a typo’d email address, and was able to buy it. YAY! My first Y!J purchase.

Maybe the 2nd will be that punk outfit….


  • ex_weightles88

    Heh heh. That Yo-SD outfit is adorable, but it would never work for Yggdrasil. The matching SD13 boy outfit, on the other hand… ♥

    • admin

      Ah, there is a matching outfit! I was filtering by yo-sd and didn’t catch that. Good thing I don’t have an SD or I’d be terribly tempted. How adorable would that be.

      Oh, you so have to find matching outfits for Yggdrasil and Joce. (Just cause he seems like the most apt to do so.)

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