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CanCan Wigs Rock!

I just got my first CanCan wig in the mail. Two actually. One long 9/10 SD size grey wig (for boyfriend’s doll), and one 6/7 short boy cut Blonde/White mix, (for Piccolo).

They are just FABULOUS! So silky, and OMG, the pale blonde looks great on both Sonya and Sasha, which is amazing, as I haven’t found many colors/styles that I feel suit them. Sasha even came with a blonde wig, and I don’t like it on him at all.

Sonya looks like a cherubic little choir boy in it, which gives me all sorts of wicked ideas for photos on the CD forum. *evil grin* That and it makes me want a 2nd Kurenai to make into a boy and be her twin. Sasha just isn’t filling the incarnation well. He’ll still be her brother, but not a twin I think.

I’m now ordering two more wigs, (one for bf and one for me), and will likely make a 3rd order next paycheck.

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