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So, yeah. Someone’s meme kind of kicked me and made me realize I could share other stuffs here too.

I am planning my wedding. It’s still very early, but I am doing a Medieval/Renaissance theme and really need to get the details down early. For instance, making sure the reception coordinator isn’t going to freak when we show up with swords.

It’s more than a year away still, and I don’t have a ring (it’s being hand made), but it feels good to be making it real.

Cooking is love. I’ve always cooked my own recipes up, and haven’t had a complaint yet. I’ll try most anything once, as long as it looks edible. (Note: bbq’d insects do not look edible. I will not try them.)

Hmm, my favorite recipe recently: (No, I don’t measure.)

Thawed Tillapia fillets
Rice noodles
Pineapple terriyaki sauce
Chopped garlic
Garlic teriyaki sauce (I like garlic)
Mushrooms, sliced

Soften noodles per directions. Take a baking dish, sprinkle chopped garlic in the bottom. Drizzle garlic teriyaki. Place tillapia in dish (thin sides over fat to keep from drying out). Place softened noodles over fish. Spread sliced mushrooms over/around all. Drizzle pineapple and garlic terriyaki sauce to taste.

Bake, covered in foil, approx 20 min at 375 – 400. (Until fish is flaky.) Serve with steamed veggies/potatoes etc.


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