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Finally feeling halfway normal after coming down last Saturday with what was nearly the new plague. I had fevers all day over 100 and would shake despite being under a comforter with the heat on, and at night it would break and I’d be dying with the window open and fan on.

Really, my thermostat was just so confused!

I have several commission pieces to finish and ACEN is getting ever so close and I have a paper to finish….

3 more exams for school, and 8 homework assigments. (All HTML, oof!)

Anyone have a cloning machine handy?

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  • levelseven

    I don’t even want to think about Acen, well, except for the fact that I’m constantly sitting around sewing junk, egads!

    Well… if our stuff doesn’t sell, or we run out, we’ll ditch the table and run!!!!

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