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new SDC…

Well. Now what?

Per Cassiel on DOA:

As I had suspected from the O and Xs, it says that Lucas and Chris will be sold at Dolpa, and when they sell out, you can place a pre-order for them. However, Carol, Ren and Miko will NOT be pre-orderable. Once they sell out at Dolpa, that’s it. No more stock. There will be presumably be one more chance to buy them at the AE, but that’s it.

Bah. Which one do I go for? Miko seems more popular, so I should get him and take a chance for Ren in the aftermarket? Or worry that it’s all or nothing and go for Ren, cause she really does look better suited to my crew. (Though it means making her a boy, which means finding a boy body down the road.)


Edit: After seeing the japanese site photos, I’ve leaned so far as to have toppled for Ren. My two oldest have one blue and one purple eye each. She comes with Violet eyes. Consider that a mix of blue and purple? hm? Is this a sign?


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