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Return from ACEN

Wow. So much packed into such a short weekend!

This was my first year in Artist’s Alley, and I am addicted.

I ran a custom button booth, where one could come and get a button made of anything they desired. Mostly I sold phrases, though WeeLittleFairy was kind enough to help with a few comission drawings.

I also did cosplay photo buttons, where I would take a photo of you in your cosplay outfit and then make a button of it. Free of charge, provided I am allowed to use said photo for future sales at ACEN.

Everything went over really well. BF sold some of his art, and my unique phrases sold faster than I could pin them to the board! I plan on hitting JAFAX and Youmacon and selling buttons there as well.

Studio name and graphic forthcoming, along with a proper website. I’m really excited!!

Also, I picked up a copy of Voices for Peace. Besides being great songs sung by some of my favorite ACEN guests, all profits go to a good cause. So color me surprised when not only was the cd good, but it was REALLY GOOD. Like, if you didn’t pick it up yet, go find it! Really powerful performances by everyone involved.

I went to Jan’s panel per usual, and Doug Smith came by to hang out. It was one of the best panels yet. If you weren’t there, you missed out, and I’m not sharing all the fun. Let’s just say that Gollum ordering a cheeseburger is the best evar!

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