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Lost SDC Ren at the VolksUSA lottery. I had really set my heart on making her a boy. Fate is forcing me to wait for the rumor of a standard SDC to be realized or for Y!J costs to come down. It would have been a stretch of the budget to get her anyway. Le sigh.

Next Michigan meetup is this sunday. I’m stealing the house we’re going to. How I’d love to have a big place on lots of land. Le sigh x2.

BF is all excited about Maiko. It makes a huge difference getting a body and a name. He’s had me working on a new outfit for her all week. I’m still getting used to sewing for such a large doll, and one with boobs. (I said if I find a squishy boob piece that works on an obitsu, he’s getting it. There is no working around boobs that don’t move.) The shirt was proclaimed a disaster by me, but he thinks it’s fantastic. I say nothing but stretchy knits for them tits. (Rhyme unintended.)

She’s getting a plaid pleated skirt, panties, and thigh highs as well. It’s got me excited for an SD, there’s complex details you can accomplish easier with a larger size doll. I’m not discarding my mini’s though. MSD love forever!


  • doll_paparazzi

    That’s cool that the BF is excited about the dolls. I remember when I was married and my husband wasn’t inot my interests. It was a real stretch to do anything with him. Very cool!

    • admin

      He goes to all the meetups. He’s been excited, but it’s oh so different when you have your own complete doll. He’s already planning his second doll.

      He’s such a sweetie, there’s little that we don’t completely share interest in. I’m so lucky.

  • chasey

    Hey i have a 27cm sbh obitsu and her name is miiyukii ( me – u -kee )
    And i was wondering if u could maybe make her some clothes or teach me how to. :heart:

    • Melanie

      Hi Chasey,
      I no longer sew but there are lots of resources for patterns and places to purchase clothes. If you haven’t yet, join Den of Angels. It’s one of the largest communities out there, with a large sales market and references to patterns (many are even free). Another good one is Resinality (which is 18+).

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