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What do you make of this?

Found this on Y!J, and haven’t seen such a thing before. Is it worth the money? Am I better off getting a pureskin?

I’ve gotten keen on getting an SD to round out the household and really can’t decide. Since it’ll be primarily for clothes making, I’m hoping to keep it on the less expensive side. I intend to do an FCS much later on for my “perfect” SD.


  • ex_weightles88

    It’s an ooooold oldskin optional parts kit. Long, long ago, Volks made body parts available separately, enough to make a sort of “do it yourself” FCS. Looks like everything’s there that you would need (other than the head), so if you’re okay with assembling everything, it might be a good deal. As a note, the parts will sort of resemble an SD13 body, but it won’t look as nice – larger ball joints, less streamlined.

    I can imagine it’d be a fun project, though, like a MSD kit only bigger. =^^=

    Me, personally, I’d go pureskin. I like the feel of it, the changes made to the body, ect. Depends on the head, I suppose, that you want to use with it.

      • ex_weightles88

        Poor bank account indeed! =^__^=;;

        Like I said, I personally prefer pureskin, but I’m also really bad at putting things together. So for ease, an already-assembled body is always nice. I don’t know how many standing and posing issues the oldskin parts body would have, since it’s sort of a cross between the first generation SD bodies and the oldskin SD13 bodies. Still…fun project! I wonder if Volks will ever release pureskin parts like that again.

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