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Meetups and additions

Had another MI meetup yesterday. This time in Grand Rapids. It was a lot of fun; we had a new person (who carpooled with me, and apparently I didn’t scare her too much since she didn’t try to hitch a ride home with someone else, lol), and a good turnout all around.

I got to try Sasha on an SDC boy body, and that settled it. He’s getting one as soon as possible.

Then there’s Elfdoll’s new Red. I foolishly decided to see what he looked like, and not only am I smitten, but boyfriend is too. I don’t know which of us is more insistent on getting him, lol. (He hasn’t been anything more than politely warm about most of the boys I’ve looked at, and not because he doesn’t want me to get more. He’s just even more particular about how a doll looks and calls to him than I am, haha.)

So… here’s to hoping there’s one left when I have the money to buy. Unless someone wants to throw money at me… *bats eyes*… ok, maybe not. But I have a school tuition refund coming, and that should cover him.

BF is a bit upset that I can’t afford the fullset, because he just LOVES the red hair, but after a quick greyscale change, he said he could deal with another color.

EDIT: Well, fullset it is. I asked for a few modifications… and Elfdoll agreed… so I am ordering Red today.


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