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Cat goes poof

Sitting in the livingroom, with the sliding door open to get some fresh air. The kitty was sitting at the screen as usual, keeping vigilance for any birds or chipmunks that might be entering her territory.

A plane went by overhead, but very very low. The kind where you’re normally within sight distance of the airport to have it that loud. I thought nothing of it (having lived close to an airport before, though I don’t think I’ve heard a single one since moving into the apartment) until the cat went flying out from the drapes, across the livingroom, and halfway down the hall, with every last bit of fur on end. Her tail was poofed out, and even her back fur was standing up.

She had never heard such a noise in her life, and was not keen on whatever the hell it was. Took her several minutes to settle down again, as she inspected the shoe that she sent flying in her panic, as though it had attacked her. *quick paw taps at the shoe*

I meanwhile am in hysterical laughter, while trying to soothe the cat and tell her it’s ok. *takes note not to move near a flight path, as kitty would not survive*


  • lostindolls

    LOL-raccoon tail! Poor kitty. I have one that’s afraid of thunder-she gets down real low to the ground, & slinks across the house & down the stairs to the basement if she hears even a little rain…

    • admin

      Aww. I love thunderstorms, and the first one that came after we got her, I made sure to sit with the sliding door open and show her I liked it. After a couple of booms, she sidled up to me and laid down. Since then, doesn’t phase her. She’ll sit and even get hit by raindrops, lol. “Free bath!”

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