MahJong House Development Timeline

I’ve been working night and day since we returned from ACEN, thank you to all of the people who tried out the demo at our table. I am currently working on implementing the reward system, which once completed will add interactive items to the room when certain challenges have been met.

My art department (Melanie) is working on finishing the artwork for the Japanese tileset so we can have a complete Hiragana and Katakana set. She will be following up with the first of several Kanji sets next, we hope to have all of the sets up within the next few weeks if possible.

If all goes well with the reward system it will be added to coincide with the Kanji set. For all our customers who have already purchased MahJong house, the reward system and both Hiragana and Katakana will be free upgrades once release. We are still looking at the pricing for the Kanji set depending on size and time to create.

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