Musical interludes

I added the iTunes widget on the side, because nothing gets done in my office without music. I’ve always been a music lover, one of those choir geeks since elementary school, and yes, I can’t resist belting it out along with the singer.

As you can guess based on the list that’s there, I’ve got some wide ranging tastes. One of my favorite radio stations is CBC Radio 2. Though, with the format change, I don’t get to listen to enough of it when I’m on my way to work these days.

It’s a station based in Canada, and covers every possible genre over the course of the day. Tom Allen delights me with his personal chatter in the morning. Tonic has some great jazz (responsible for the Oh My My on that list), and Nightstream is like your subconscious playing DJ. Some of my favorite songs started with me staring at my radio wondering what the heck was playing!

Got a favorite song that I have to hear? Post it in the comments.

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