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Youmacon recap / End of year ramblings

Phew – quite the time gap between posts. To quickly fill you in: we decided very last minute to throw together a WEDDING with no budget, little time, and a big dream. That pretty much ate up any spare time we had. It was however a lovely wedding, and everything went perfectly.

Not long after we came back from our honeymoon, it was time to get everything together for Youmacon. It was a great weekend, lots of our fan/customers coming by to see the new designs, and a few new people too. I got to draw a squirrel, a goat with a monocle, a wolf, and will forever be haunted by the epic man nipples. (You had to be there…)

We had an even greater response to the current release of the game, which made me float with happiness. Thank you to everyone who tried, commented, and (yay!) bought a copy!

As Chris mentioned, the next release will be Linux, and shortly after that we will start putting out some of the expanded rewards and tiles.

I am also oh so excited to announce that I have been accepted on staff for ACEN. I will be assisting with both the website and Artist’s Alley. This delights me to no end; as many of you know, I am a people pleaser, and to be part of the workings the make ACEN what it is for so many just really makes me smile.

Of course, this doesn’t give me any slack on keeping you guys entertained with more humorous buttons each year, and fret not, as I am hard at work with quite a few new designs.

Please look for us next at Animarathon in Ohio.

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