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Whew. ACen is over for another year. Hard to believe it went by so fast. I am only now getting to my writeup on it, as I’ve been recovering from “con plague”.

I had a fantastic time despite a few hiccups (fire evacuation!), and it was wonderful seeing everyone. We had a fair number of cosplayers (and just people wanting a souvenir) come by for their photo buttons. Next year I promise we’ll have a good stock of colors for the decorative rings so no one misses out!

There was a great response and feedback for MahJong House as well. Thank you to everyone who not only purchased it, but came by to give it a test drive. Your feedback only makes it better!

Mitsuwa was awesome, I finally got to try the dim sum shop and had some steamed buns. They were very tasty, and I can see why they are either busy or sold out when I’m there.

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