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WDW 2011 Day 1 – Lunch

Finally, the food!

By now it was ohh, 3pm and all we’d had was that early morning croissant so all of us were more than ready to dig in at Wolfgang Puck’s in DTD. Three course meal? No problem!

I’m not sure what this is from – but it reminded me of the bizarre illustrations in Alice in Wonderland.

First we get bread and butter – nothing spectacular and I didn’t like the flatbread at all.

Then our appetizers. Mom and I got crab cakes, Chris got tortilla soup, and Dad got fried calimari.

I LOVED the crab cakes. Light with lots of crab, the sauce was amazing, and they were cooked perfectly. The calamari was very tender – not rubbery at all – and as you can see, a plate is more than enough to share! The tortilla soup was extremely tomatoey – which surprised Chris as every other place it has been more like a creamy queso type soup. He didn’t find it worth getting again.

Main course: Salmon with fingerling potatoes, Macadamia nut chicken x2, and Pepperoni pizza.

The salmon was cooked very nicely – a great crispy edge to it and the rest moist and flaky. The chicken I had a bad start with – I got some of the apricot or whatever in my first bite and it did not go together for me. Once I knew to avoid the contaminated areas it was very good. The pizza Chris thought was tasty, the crust nice and chewy, but not a must have.

And then dessert… despite our bravado and declarations at the beginning, we all agreed we were quite full (with takeout boxes yet from the main course!) and had a hard time selecting something at all.

But choose we did – Lava cake x2, Key lime, and Carrot cake.

The key lime I liked, and I can assume Chris like the lava cake, because this was his “I’m miserable but this is tasty and I must finish my precioussses” face:

and I don’t know that I really got a taste. Carrot cake I am very fickle on – and was determined to eat my own dessert – so mom will have to chime in on her TR how that was.

After that – we headed back to the room to collapse for a while. All of us were groaning thinking about the big steak dinner scheduled a “mere” 5 hours away. What were we thinking?!

On the way out, I spotted my second mickey:

Not until I was editing them did I realize the D around the mickey head for “Downtown”. Cool!

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