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WDW 2011 Day 2 – Part One

Tuesday – 1/11/11

The green shrubberies are the holiday decoration leftovers. Luckily (because we really wanted Disney in it’s usual state) most of the Christmas type stuff was gone. Just a few things here and there – and throughout the trip it was interesting to see even that just “disappear”, as it were, overnight.

Things like the green “Cousin Itt” (c’mon, you totally see that too, right?) trees in the right side of the picture – made you go “what’s different” the next time you showed up and they weren’t there. ;)

It was nice to see little pops of color still too – having left nothing but snow and tree bark back in Michigan – like these pretty purple posies. (I think… botanist I am not.)

Our first ride – Soarin! This wasn’t even built last time we were here, and I’d heard it’s on many must-do lists. The queue was great for photos:

It was a BLAST! I just loved the ride. I had a sweet guy next to me who made little comments on each section – where places were, what forest etc – he was quiet about it but I could hear and I liked knowing someone was that either well traveled or well versed in the film. ;) We also scored a top row – which I hear really adds to the experience if you’ve never ridden before. My stomach did a little drop at one point – so they do an excellent job of making it seem real.

Since we were right there, we hopped on Living with the Land next. Far too dark and fast moving to bother with any of the first part, but I did get some shots of the greenhouse.

I do love lemon – and dang what a batch of lemonade this would make!

The criss-cross pattern on this shot was a cool accident.

“Close your mouth, please, Michael. We are not a codfish.”

Then we meandered over to the World Showcase. We had reservations at Chefs de France that originally were for 2:00 pm. Well. After the reality smacking after effects of our introduction to the Dining Plan of doom – we knew that the more time between meals the better and were able to bump up to their opening slot at noon.

Required shot of the up fountain:

Pretty flowers near Le Cellier:

Morning EMH and standard low crowds for January meant lovely shots of empty (or nearly) streets like these:

I have to thank chunkymonkey for her Sept TR – which twisted my arm into making sure I had a super wide angle lens. I definitely got lots of use out of it!

My dad being a goof as Chris figures out my camera:

Me in my lovely birthday present – a cute purple/pink and black plaid jockey cap from the UK.

Stopping for a paw print from Marie:

Main fountain in France:

Here’s something you don’t see anymore – framing the shot with your hands. Now everyone has a point and shoot camera with a live view. No elaborate methods to make sure what you see ends up on film….

Ahh, to live the life of an arteest!

NEXT: Chefs de France!

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