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WDW 2011 Day 2 – Part Three

Toured Morocco – the first time we were here (in 99) we didn’t know there were shops and things in the back to go through… so we kind of just walked past everything going “Why is this interesting?” I didn’t quite have my shutterbug addiction yet either. So we definitely enjoyed the showcase much more this trip.

A not-so-hidden mickey:

Japan was next. The taiko drums were going so I stopped for shots there.
The center drummer was really enthusiastic – his whole face and body was into the music and putting on a show.

Then into the Mitsukoshi Department Store to look around.

We went to the back and had some sake. Mine was a lighter mix of sake and lychee ramune (a carbonated sweet drink that I’ve had before). I am not a huge drinker though and this stuff (as sake tends to be) was strong.

Chris had Shirakawa Go – an unfiltered milky looking sake that can often have bits of rice in it. It is really STRONG stuff – but like any extremely fine alcohol he said it was incredibly smooth.

They have a special exhibit in the Bijutsu-kan Gallery that shows the connection between Japanese historical creatures, spirits and mythology and modern day characters in anime and manga.

We stopped to look at the koi – then moved on into Germany…

Next: Germany (kind of)…

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