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WDW 2011 – Pin Trading in Disney


This was the first time we were doing pin trading – and let me tell you, I can see why there are gatherings for this! It was REALLY fun and addicting. My mom got a large grab bag batch of pins on ebay from a reputable seller, and after going through and figuring out which of the random selection we felt we would want to keep, the rest were divvied as “traders”.

Now I had done my research on the whole process – and one thing I’d heard was that the backs were notorious for coming off and pins getting lost. I was determined this would not happen (heck I’ve nearly lost pins that have the tie tack style clasp, let alone just a rubber push on back) and had researched and bought special pin backs WELL before leaving.

I got them from ebay – sold by disneypatriot. I will keep tons of these on hand from now on! They are amazing and work just as advertised. A must have for any serious pin collector who also would like to wear them.

Back to the trading:

We would stop at every CM (cast member or employee) in Disney and check out what they had. Most were excellent about seeing you with a full lanyard and making sure their pins were visible as soon as you got close. ;)

By the end of the trip we had traded off ALL of our stock, and came home with a GREAT collection of keepers. I’m slowly unpacking them all (too many to wear the whole time!) and getting them listed on PinPics. They are a great fan-run community-based catalog of all of Disney pins.

In my (incomplete) list below, I have a few special ones. One is the first Tigger – he was a gift from Mom. The next is the pencil – that was earned while at AAA by taking Disney’s Travel Agent exam. Then the birthday spinner – that was a present from mom and dad for my birthday (of course) while on this trip. :D

The rest, we just thought were cool. There’s a mix of mine and Chris’ below. The puffles for instance – black is his and purple is mine. We didn’t know what they were (from Club Penguin) or anything, just liked them. I looked it up after getting home and found:

Black Puffle – They are known for their reluctancy and shadowiness. They rarely smile, but they will smile when pleased.
Purple Puffle – They are known to dance and be picky eaters.

HAH! I think that’s perfect. ;)

For my current pin collection – my profile page on PinPics can be found HERE.

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