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WDW 2011 Day 4 – Part Two

Dinner is at the Brown Derby – we had made sure to request a Fantasmic! package as soon as our trip was booked. A good thing, as even then there were few dates available.

I got the raspberry lemonade with glow cube – but it tasted of neither flavor so I returned it. It was very weak – like watery lemonade from a fast food place at best.

Mom knew when we booked it what her appetizer was going to be: the famous Cobb salad. I thought it just sounded weird. The waiter didn’t seem to get the memo that I am supposed to take pictures before you touch it, so I only have an after shot. ;) For anyone who doesn’t know – this comes out in a large dished plate with all the ingredients chopped finely and separated in rows. It’s then mixed in front of you.

The result is less than appetizing to look at but way tastier than I expected. I would actually order this if I came here again.

Dad and I both got the Seared Day Boat Sea Scallop – with black bean corn pudding and a mango papaya salsa.

I ate the scallops – but didn’t care for the corn pudding stuff.

Chris had the Spicy Sashimi-grade Tuna Tartar – with Cucumber, Daikon and Pepper Salad, Avocado Wasabi Sauce, and Crisp Lotus Root Chips.

He wasn’t blown away. Said it tasted more of the stuff added to it than tuna, and when you order raw tuna you expect to get a nice quality taste of it. It was more like salsa and chips.

We all got the 8 oz. Char-grilled Filet of Beef – over white truffle whipped potatoes, mushroom ragout, Cippolini Onions, and red wine reduction.

The potatoes and sauce were very good, and the filet was nicely made. It wasn’t “Yachtsman good” however. ;)

Dessert for me was Caramelized Granny Smith Cheesecake – with cabernet apple crisp and cranberry raisin butter sauce.

This was surprisingly good! I’ve never had such a combination – cheesecake and cherry or strawberry topping yes, never apple. Had I not been so full I might have finished it.

Chris and Dad both had the Double Vanilla Bean Créme Brulée – with Dark Chocolate-dipped Biscotti.

The waitress also brought us a chocolate mousse dome to share in honor of our anniversary:

Mom also was set on trying the famous grapefruit cake:

Which came with a slice of dried grapefruit:

Finally we ready to get our Fantasmic! ticket and head to the show.

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