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WDW 2011 Day 5 – Part Three

Lunch today was in …

Germany! Biergarten to be exact. We checked in, and the server turned to a family of four who were waiting and said “Ok, these are the people you will be dining with….” and explained briefly the theme of the place etc. Meanwhile – said family are rather worriedly looking at each other. I’m pretty sure they didn’t realize this was shared seating. :scared:

Indeed – we didn’t acknowledge each other the entire meal (with them even staring pointedly at their plates and ignoring the “Ziggy Zaggy, Ziggy Zaggy, Oi, Oi, Oi” chants). The little bit of conversing they did with each other was in (I believe) French, so I didn’t take it personally. We would have happily chatted however if they’d wanted. :D

On to the food!!

So, it’s a buffet, and that makes it hard to do food pictures for individuals. So I really only have my own plate. We all did try and sample a variety of things though.

First plate (man it was dark in there!):

(clockwise from 11 o’clock position – spaetzle, roasted potatoes, chicken (hiding under the bread) pretzel bread, meatballs (the out of focus thing at the bottom), and some carrot cauliflower mix)

Second plate:

(clockwise from the 1 o’clock position – cabbage, pickle, more meatballs, mac n cheese, more pretzel bread, mystery meat, pot roast and red wine gravy)

Ok, the meatballs were AWESOME! I sadly did not ask for the recipe as I thought for sure I could find it online – and no such luck. It’s probably a good thing because I already have a great recipe for Swedish meatballs. Owning two fantastic meatball dishes would likely cause the kitchen to implode. ;)

The pot roast was tender and moist, and the red wine sauce was equally wonderful. The mystery meat was called some kind of sausage, but tasted like “really good quality bologna” per Chris. His family is Finnish so ring bologna was pretty common growing up. I am not a bologna fan, and didn’t eat much of that. Everything else was very tasty. Loved the pretzel bread. Spaetzle was yummy too (first time trying it).


(clockwise from top: rote gruetze, Bavarian cheesecake, apple strudel, raspberry lintzer?)

OMG the cheesecake. The rest I could have left behind, it was all ok (to be fair I missed the vanilla sauce for the strudel and gruetze, and my dad raved about that sauce). The cheesecake though… I had Chris try a bite and next thing I know he’s got a plate full of nothing but:

(Om nom nom)

This I DID ask for the recipe for and our lovely waitress:

happily got it for me. She is a Canon shooter as well, though not with “quite as fancy a camera” as mine. She and I hit it off and my mom started wondering just what I did to get so cozy with her. :lmao: The last straw was when she told me to have a wonderful day but didn’t say anything to mom.

Finally – some pictures of the inside:

I love that when they dimmed the stage the cottage in the background has lit up windows!

(whoops – forgot to tell her how to focus!)

So Biergarten is on my list of “must do”. It’s a pretty good price for a buffet – and you get entertainment (if you go at the right time).

After that – we split up again so Chris and I could finish the world showcase.

Next: More countries!

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