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WDW 2011 Day 5 – Part Four

After Germany was Italy:

Oh noz! The house is going to nom that woman! :haha:

God of Sushi: :lmao:

The new Via Napoli:

What? No rides? Awww.

Try as I might – the CM’s just would not let me hop in a gondola to take the pirate ship:

We stopped by China just in time to see some of the Acrobat show:

The girls were amazing…

She flung herself up onto the other girl’s feet:

The whole time spinning these fabric circles – transferring from hand to foot as needed:

This… is just as insane as it looks:

The boys were very entertaining as well:

Hopping butt first into these tubes:

Then performing handstands on them:

While no where near the end of this show, we decided time was cutting short and we should move on.

Briefly through Norway.

Maelstrom was a 40 minute wait :shocked:

So we just took a few pictures and decided to come back again later.

That’s a mighty large sword you have sir… :rotfl:

Mom called and said to meet them at Figment – so we abandoned the rest of the showcase for the time being. On the way though, Duffy was just heading out for autographs so I had to stop.

The CM insisted Chris get in too:

Now, Duffy is mostly a marketing invention – but since someone came up for a story for him at Disney Tokyo, he’s really gotten a strong following. The story goes:

Mickey was about to set sail on a long journey, and Minnie wanted him to have a keepsake to remind him of how much he was loved back home, and to keep him from getting too homesick. So she sewed him a teddy bear:

Mickey put the bear in his sailor’s duffel bag for safekeeping before boarding – and pronounced his name to be Duffy.

Off to see Figment:

While I am absolutely a Monty Python fan – and love Eric Idle – I do still miss the original ride. I especially miss the Dreamfinder and Figment meet and greets.

After a quick picture:

We headed off to Find Nemo…

We had to stop and taunt the birds of course:

Mine! Mine! Mine mine mine!

Then Turtle Talk with Crush:

Which was soo adorable!

Grabbed a snack:

Wait!! Wrong kind of snack! ;)

Then we needed a drink so we headed to Club Cool.

If you don’t know – there are free sample sized cups and a soda fountain here to try different flavors of Coca Cola as they taste locally. Just like mayonnaise being a pizza staple (yes, really) in Japan, every region has its own idea of popular flavors, and Coca Cola caters to that.

There is one however, that has a reputation like no other, and is the go-to option when wanting to prank unsuspecting friends… Beverly. It hails from Italy and… well… let the photos explain:


Oh, and yes, we have tried it before. Mom thought we were insane for doing it again, but that was in 1999! C’mon, I don’t remember what it tastes like anymore. Besides – now I can get photographic evidence.

Taking the first sip:

Considering the flavor some:

Drawing a conclusion:

Confirming the conclusion:

And a good mugshot for the camera:

Now it was my turn. I was hesitant and so I meditated for a moment over the cup of harmless looking liquid.

I took the small swig down and:

Oh god!

It just keeps LINGERING:

Quick! Get me something reasonable tasting!!!

Beverly Melanie is a SAD Melanie:

So – by unanimous vote of us – Beverly is just WRONG!

For the record – the one that I downed (6 or 7 cups of) to get rid of the awful Beverly was Kinley Lemon from Israel. I actually think I’d purchase that one if offered here. The most surprising one was Germany’s Mezzzo Mix which was Coca-Cola and Orange flavors. It was an ok taste – but the surprise was it smelled of FEET! To drink something that smelled so awful and yet tasted fairly good was bizarre.

After that entertainment (heh) we went on Spaceship Earth:

Whew! Time for dinner I think…

Up Next: Le Cellier

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