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WDW 2011 Day 5 – Part Five

Tonight’s dinner is at Le Cellier:

For appetizers Chris got the Canadian Cheddar Cheese soup and I had the Sauteed Edward Island Mussels. Dad had the mussels as well, and Mom had the Crab Mousse.

Chris liked the soup alright, I thought it was a bit too smokey. At the risk of giving every Le Cellier soup fan a heart attack – I was actually hoping for something like Big Boy’s cheddar soup. Lots of chunky veggies in a thick cheesy soup base. This was kind of thin and I didn’t taste much cheese.

My mussels were a fantastic flavor. I think they were under the broiler a little long as some of the shells shattered and mixed in to a few bites. The waiter did offer a replacement but I declined (only wanted them to know so someone else wouldn’t have the same problem).

I have to post my parents’ choice too – if only because they like steak RARE. As my Dad will say “I’d be fine if it came out still mooing”. I’m pretty sure the Salt-crusted Prime Rib they got is dang close…

Chris and I both got the Le Cellier Mushroom Filet Mignon – with wild mushroom risotto, white truffle and herb butter sauce.

We agreed – a pretty tasty steak but not worth a return trip out of pocket.

“Yes?? Is there a reason you’re pointing the camera at me?”

You know what’s coming….

Om nom nom :rotfl:

For dessert everyone but myself got the Chocolate Moose:

I got the s’more:

I was soo disappointed in this – but honestly didn’t want dessert anyway to bother with returning it. It was cold firstly – the marshmallow wasn’t toasted! How do you even CALL that a s’more? It was just rolled in sprinkles (which, bleh, aren’t exactly tasty).

Chris and Mom had way too much sugar… and got goofy with the moose parts:

Overall we thought it was kind of so-so. If nothing – we were REALLY getting bored with the menus. I know we weren’t hitting some of the more exotic places, but still. It seemed that we were falling back on steak just about everywhere. It was about this time that the plans and reservations really went out the window. :lol: A quick group huddle later that night sealed the deal – we’d dump the rest of our choices and splurge on one more meal at our favorite place instead….

After dinner we decided to split up so Chris and I could run around the world showcase and try for some night shots.

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