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WDW 2011 Day 6 – Part Two

Our last reservation (we still had a few DDP credits to use – but this was our last planned meal) became the Yachtsman Steakhouse again. Really – we couldn’t imagine a better final splurge than this place. While it meant canceling several other planned meals, we felt this was worth it.

I must also note that we asked for David as our waiter again – he did such a fantastic job on Monday that we waited for his section. Was I surprised that not only did he remember us (which just a few days later – and such a smart-remarked group as ours might not be impressive, but it IS a very busy resort) BUT he remembered our ENTIRE meal – each of our orders. That is a level of detail I have never seen anywhere I’ve been allowed to dine. ;)

The Yacht Club resort is lavishly done in woods and brass – appropriate for the boating theme.

Probably the fanciest place you could ever get away with wearing tie-dye into!

For appetizer I decided on the Ceasar Salad this time, and Chris again got the Escargot. I was not joking – these things are VERY tasty!

Dad got the lobster bisque, and Mom got the scallops again.

Chris stuck with his HUGE porterhouse:

I tried the filet:

Plus splurged on a “side” of sauteed mushrooms in Sherry and Cabernet wine sauce:

Their “sides” are meant to be shared! These were just delicious and I was sad that I could not finish them.

Dad with his coffee.

Mom happy just to be at Disney. :D

We decided to make this the day we celebrate my birthday (just a few days away) and our waiter brought me a cupcake:

Chris got the sundae again:

I tried the “Tasting of Fall apples – Spiced Apple Cake, Warm Compote, and Cider Sorbet:

Mom got the Crème Brûlée. Dad declined dessert, he was so stuffed from a week of Disney Dining!

After that David brought our bills, and I internally was a little bummed out. Not because the meal was over – well kind of. It was because the meal was over, and it was the last place I thought I”d get my fancy birthday dessert. I had asked Chris to get me the Treasure Chest cake – something Disney offers for celebrations. It”s a plastic toy treasure chest with a cake inside. I knew that custom cakes are WAY pricey and not worth it – but a treasure chest… that was awesome.

Of course, if something fell through and it couldn”t happen, I wasn”t going to pout as I was certain Chris was already devastated as he loves to make me happy.

Next thing I know though… an EXTREMELY apologetic David comes out with a lovely chocolate cake and my Treasure Chest filled with cookies. He was supposed to bring it out before the bills, and it slipped his mind, and he was SO sorry thinking he had ruined my night. Truely, I wasn”t upset (happy I got it!) but if I had been, I couldn”t have been for long for as embarassed and sorry this man was. :D

If you find yourself here – and get David as your waiter – you are one lucky diner:

Lookit the mickey heads for the “i”s!

My treasure:

We boxed it all up to go – as I was STUFFED.

I found out later from Chris that he had made the arrangements through the Coronado concierge. Somewhere along the way there was a mixup – and someone said “ok, you’re set” while the Chef normally needs more lead time to bake the tiny cake that fits in the chest. When Chris asked about it when checking us in, he then found out there was no treasure chest waiting… *cry*. After talking to the Chef, Chris was assured something would be worked out. As an apology it seems, the Chef got me an assortment of cookies for it instead AND comped us the chocolate cake (without Chris asking for anything extra). Yay pixie dust!

It was a PERFECT birthday for me. I was surprised on several accounts (not easy to surprise me) AND I loved the cookies. They were all very tasty – there was: sugar, chocolate chip, raisin oatmeal, and a rice crispie. The chocolate cake was DELICIOUS.

Sadly, it fell over in its box in the car and mostly got smooshed before I got any of it, but I ate what I could as it was.

Next: Moving day – we change hotels

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